On December 3, 1961, a small group of Christians met in the Yalesville (CT) Elementary School to study the Word of God and to conduct worship. By 1965, this new congregation of Christ's church had begun meeting in a large house in Meriden.

Continued growth through the years mandated another move. So, in September of 1977, the congregation closed the deal on a beautiful, old church building (pictured at right), located in the center of Wallingford at the corner of Ward Street and South Whittlesey Avenue. From that time until now, the congregation has been known as the Ward Street church of Christ.

Preaching ministers for the congregation during the early years were Dale Combs, Wayne Mathis, Mike White, and Mike Lawlor. Charles Guyer served at Ward Street from 1982 to 1993. Frank Bellizzi served from 1993 to 2004. Bud Fenner began his work as the preaching minister in 2004 and continues to serve in that capacity today.